Upzone Adventure Park, treetop obstacle course at Stensö.


Kalmar offers a wide selection of activities, both for children and adults. Why not try something new?



The Upzone treetop obstacle course is built in a very scenic location at Stensö. In the robust trees are five different courses of varying difficulty, one of them suited for children over 100 cm tall. The courses consist of a series of platforms which you navigate between by climbing, swinging in nets, and balancing along cables. In addition there are a number of exhilarating ziplines to barrel down.


Enjoy fishing? Kalmar offers plenty of opportunities for angling, both along the coast and in various lakes and streams. On the coast, you don’t need a fishing permit for fishing with hand tools, but inland you do need a permit. Along the Kalmar coastline, the common catch is pike and perch. If you head to the freshwater areas, fly-fishing might yield you some fine game fish. Other good spots for fishing are parts of the Hossmo/Ljungby stream and the Hagby stream, as well as in Snärjebäcken and the Halltorp stream.

The Kalmar Golf club north of Kalmar is located close to the nature reserve Horsö-Värsnäs.


The two golf courses in Kalmar are located in beautiful nature surroundings along the coast. The Kalmar Golf club north of Kalmar has two 18-hole courses, and Binga Golf south of Kalmar has a 9-hole Pay and Play.

Hitta ut Kalmar

The orienteering project Hitta ut is running from May 5 through October 31. With the aid of a map, you can head into the green, and look for checkpoints to tick off.


If you would like to play outdoor minigolf, there are three venues to choose from in central Kalmar: Kalmar Parkgolf in the park Vänortsparken, Stensö Äventyrsgolf at Stensö, and Kalmar Minigolfglubb at Ekudden.

Paddling along the Stensö canal.


Why not discover Kalmar from a different point of view? Kalmar is a perfect place to explore from the water, and many of the city’s main attractions are in plain view from there. In the summer, several places provide rental canoes, kayaks, or stand-up paddleboards (SUP). There is usually a number of evenings scheduled when you are welcome to try the different options, as well as beginner paddling courses.


Kalmar Hyrkart is an outdoor gocart track located in Kläckeberga, north of Kalmar. With its 1 013 metres, it is the longest track in the Kalmar and Öland region, letting you floor it at tops speeds of 80 kilometres per hour. In order to drive, you need to be at least 140 cm.


Curious about the flora and fauna hidden beneath the waters of Kalmarsund?
Then the snorkelling trail outside the Flundran bath at Stensö is just the thing for you. The trail is open to anyone, and apart from underwater plants, there is a chance of spotting pike, eel, perch, flatfish, pipefish, and shrimps.


padel and tennis

The region offers several venues for playing tennis or padel. Below are a few central examples. The Kalmar Tennis club has both indoor and outdoor courts, as well as three outdoor padel courts. Indoor padel courts are available at the Kalmar Padel Arena, and at Södra Padel. At Malkars Västra is an outdoor single padel court.


Kalmar has two bowling alleys: the Kalmar Superbowl at the Giraffen shopping district, and Harrys Kalmar in Kvarnholmen.

Banan kalmar

Banan Kalmar has a lasergame, blacklight minigolf, LaserSniper, shuffleboard, darts, table tennis, pool tables, and arcade games. You are free to put your own tri- or pentathlon together.

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