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Kalmar has a wide selection of cafés and restaurants. Several of them have made it into the White Guide.

  • Postgatan is the Kalmar restaurant that received the highest marks in the latest edition of the White Guide. They describe themselves as a gastronomic recreation centre. You can choose whether you would like to sit down to a full meal, a taster menu, or simply settle for a pint at the bar.
  • Slipkajen opened in the spring of 2018, and made it into the White Guide in less than a year. The restaurant is located on Varvsholmen, and serves well-cooked food made from carefully selected ingredients.
  • Kallskänken is a local restaurant specializing in pizza, among other things. The whole menu is available for takeaway, and the venue also houses a well-stocked deli shop.
  • A Kalmar café is also mentioned in the café list of the White Guide: Kullzénska Caféet.

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