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7 family adventures

A World of Dinosaurs displays some very realistic, life-size dinosaurs and skeletons.

Looking for some real action-packed activities? Below are a few tips for families looking for a real adventure in Kalmar.

  • Balance through the treetops. On Stensö you will find the Upzone Adventure Park, with a treetop obstacle course. In addition, there is a course suitable for younger children.
  • Meet the dinosaurs up close. A World of Dinosaurs gives you more than just facts and knowledge. In addition, you will experience what the dinosaurs may have looked like, how they moved, and what they sounded like.
  • Fun wheels. At Norrliden is the Kalmar Betongpark. A venue for skateboard, BMX, inlines, and kickbike.
  • Adventurous swimming. The adventure bath, Äventyrsbadet, has a timed waterslide, a wave machine, and a diving tower.
  • Go go go cart. At Kalmar Hyrkart north of Kalmar is an outdoor gocart track, where you can floor it at 80 kilometres an hour. Minimum height: 140 centimetres.
  • Climbing giant boulders. Between Påryd and Söderåkra is Kanaberg, a place of giant boulders, caves and passages. Scramble, climb and crawl!
  • A lasergame challenge. This action-packed activity is available at Banan Kalmar.
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