7 tips for a day in kalmar

Woman taking a picture with her mobile camera in the old town.

Got no more than 24 hours to discover Kalmar? Below are a few must-sees.

  • Visit Kalmar Castle. The city’s most famous landmark can trace its history 800 years back in time. Go on a guided tour, or experience the castle’s exhibitions on your own.
  • Check out the man-of-war Kronan. The Kalmar county museum always has several exhibitions to see. Don’t miss the one about the man-of-war Kronan, the mightiest ship of the Swedish Empire.
  • Go for some contemporary art. If you are interested in art, go visit the Kalmar art museum, located in the middle of Kalmar’s lovely city park. The museum displays both Swedish and international contemporary art.
  • A stroll through town. Kalmar’s charming city centre is located on the island of Kvarnholmen. It has a wealth of cosy shops, cafés and restaurants. In addition, there are many beautiful buildings and historical monuments.
  • Walk the city wall. Around central Kalmar is a wall, once built to protect the city against its enemies. It was made in the 17th century, when the town was relocated to Kvarnholmen. Why not stroll along the top of it, and look out over the city?
  • Visit the Old Town. Until the mid-1600s, the town of Kalmar was located around Kalmar Castle, in the district now called Old Town. The very oldest buildings were unfortunately destroyed, but there are still some well-preserved houses from the 18th and 19th centuries to see.
  • Go for a swim. Visiting in summer? Or are you one of those that enjoy an outdoor dip all year round? Kalmar has several beaches throughout town. For example, follow Storgatan down toward the sea, and you will arrive at bath Kattrumpan.

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