9 cosy country cafés

The Mediterranean-inspired Villa Famiglia is one of many cozy country cafés you can visit in the Kalmar area.

Why not stop at at cosy country café? Outside central Kalmar are many nice places to visit, particularly in the summer.

  • Tjorven Café and Museum is a place with a real retro feel, located in Rockneby. Several Tjorven cult cars are on display here. Open all year round.
  • Hossmo Gård has a nice café, open on weekends all year round. The farm dates back to the 1800s, and has been renovated with the utmost respect for the history of the building.
  • Ekenäs Hantverksbageri is located in the charming community of Ekenäs, south of Kalmar. Swing by for some takeaway bread and baked goods. The bakery is open all year round, but opening hours vary.
  • Påryds Lantcafé lies southwest of town, and is open all year round, offering both lunch and coffee.
  • Västerslät Gårdsbutik has a café with tables both outside and indoors. The farm shop is located in Kläckeberga, north of the city, and is open all year round, at least on weekends.
  • Café Brygghuset is the summer café run in the garden of the inn of Stufvenäs Gästgifveri during the summer months. Enjoy their homemade sandwiches and pastries.
  • Solmarka Gård in Vassmolösa, south of town, has both a farm shop and a café in the summer months.
  • Villa Famiglia is also located in Vassmolösa. In the summer season, this is a good place for a coffee or some excellent food, in a lovely setting inspired by Italy.
  • Ängsbacken Handelsträdgård is a market garden in Förlösa north of town, and is open almost all year round. In the summer, they also have a café in the garden.

Opening hours vary throughout the year, so make sure you consult the café webpages to find out about current hours.

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