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Do you prefer a peaceful bike excursion? Or an adrenaline-fuelled quest along some technically challenging trails? Regardless, Kalmar delivers the perfect biking experience.


snurrom bike park

The Snurrom Bike Park has a mountainbike trail of about four kilometres, with several types of features suited for both kids and adults. About three kilometres of the trail is a winding forest path, while another 600 metres is a crafted technical trail. The park is located at Värsnäs, where you will also find the Kalmar Golf Club, with a restaurant, jogging tracks, barbecues and bathing spots.


The outdoor areas around Södra Utmarken and Kalmar Dämme are popular among hikers and mountainbikers in Kalmar. There are several winding paths in hilly terrain in two marked cycle paths for MTB, with a stunning view of the coast and a lake.

The Hagbynäs dirtbike track

Close to Kalmar Dämme is the Hagbynäs dirtbike track, challenging you to adventure and some daredevil jumps. Dirtbikes are usually described as the mountainbike equivalent of a BMX. But of course, you are welcome to have a go at the track even if you don’t have a dirtbike.

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The Kalmarsund trail is a lovely stretch offering both nature and culture, and running from Slakmöre in the north to Bröms in the south. The bike trail follows the hiking trail, with the exception of a few sections that may be hard to navigate by bike. The bike trail has no signs, but is marked on the map.


With its country roads meandering through fields and meadows, Kläckeberga is a popular destination for cyclists. The area has a beautiful church and close by Västerslät farm with country café and farm shop. Värsnäs is a wonderfully scenic peninsula that is part of the nature reserve of Horsö-Värsnäs. Here you will find a place to set up a barbecue, go hiking or swimming, or play golf.


Södermöre has several rural roads, old churches, and idyllic coastal villages to discover. Head south toward Hossmo. From here, you can bike down along the coast through Bottorp, and further on to Hagby, where you will find Sweden’s largest round church. Or go to Vassmolösa, with its nice farm shops and country cafés.


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