The farm shop and café in Västerslät offers a wide selection of products from the farm and local area.


Eating good food is an important part of the holiday, for many of us. And isn’t it particularly fun to try some local specialities? Below are a couple of attractive farm shops to visit, in and around Kalmar. There are others, too, so keep your eyes peeled.


The farm shop Wirbladhs Gårdshandel is located in Smedby, about 8 kilometres from central Kalmar. They offer a wide selection of their own products, as well as others that are also locally made. Their range includes, among other things, meats and provisions. Next to the farm you’ll find pick-your-own strawberries, sweet corn, immortelle flowers and vegetables. If you wish to have a coffee break, the farm has a veranda, where you can sit down and relax.

Västerslät gårdsbutik & Café

Västerslät Gårdsbutik & Café is a farm shop and café situated between Kläckeberga and Lindsdal, about 10 kilometres north of central Kalmar. This cosy farm shop offers many things, including their own pork and lamb, as well as Öland beef. There are other homemade products for sale, too, such as Västerslät sausages, smoked ham, gift baskets, lambskins, and wheat heating pads. If you wish to have some tasty treats, the farm café has a selection that varies according to season.

Solmarka gård

About 20 kilometres south of Kalmar you can find the organic farm Solmarka Gård. The farm has been biodynamically farmed since 1976. A lot of of vegetables are grown here, alongside grain and fodder for the farm animals. Apart from milk cows, there are laying hens, and a farm shop where you can buy fresh produce, the farm’s own beef, eggs, and dairy products. In the summer, the farm opens its café which has an extensive organic menu.

Annas gårdsbutik och mejeri

Between Hagby and Vassmolösa, you will find this farm shop and dairy. Here, they sell their own milk, frozen beestings, and eggs – chicken, duck and quail. Other offers are vegetables, potatoes, and a selection from other nearby farms. The self-service shop is open all year round. There is a giftshop, too, with somewhat more limited opening hours.


Voxtorpsgården is a farm shop located about 25 kilometres south of Kalmar, and sells sausages and meat from the pigs on the farm, including pork cuts and smoked bacon, meatballs, black pudding and a selection of sausages. The range is subject to availability. There’s also crispbread, chutney, jam, canola oil, spices and ice cream for sale. The farm shop operates on a self-service system.

Lenas gårdsbutik

Just outside Läckeby you will find the farm shop Lenas Gårdsbutik. Here they have a wide selection of food on offer, including eggs and several kinds of potatoes, alongside seasonal vegetables such as sunripe tomatoes, asparagus and cucumber. The farm makes and sells its own cordial, tomato chutney, marmalade and jam. In addition, there’s hay, straw and straw pellets available.


Slätaboden is located in Hagby, about 20 kilometres south of Kalmar. The farm breeds pigs, and grows potatoes, grain and strawberries. The farm shop is open in the summer, selling strawberries, berries and other produce, as well as eggs and potatoes. When the shop is closed, some products are still available through self-service purchase.

Nöbble Gård

Nöbble Gård is an organic farming venture, focusing on the environment and animal welfare. This farm shop carries their own canola oil, honey and nut-based burgers, as well as various other treats. There is a self-service system for electronic payments through Swish.


Hagalundstomater has a large tomato plantation in Ölvingstorp, Ljungbyholm, and produce as much as 200 tons of tomatoes annually, including cherry, plum and more commonplace varieties. In april-november, tomatoes are available for sale outside the greenhouses.

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