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Shopping vintage and second hand doesn’t just give you your own unique style, but it’s also good for your economy, and for the environment. Below are a few places to make great vintage finds in Kalmar.

Busfrö nytt & bytt

Busfrö Nytt & Bytt is a modern, colourful second hand shop, where you’ll find both womens’ and kids’ clothes, as well as home decor, games and many other things. This shop can be found on Kaggensgatan 25.

Lindra second hand

Kalmar has two Lindra shops, offering furniture, books, textiles, clothes, toys, and more. One of the shops is at Södercentrum, about 1.5 kilometres south of the central city. The other one is on Larmgatan right in the middle of town.

Kalmar Stadsmission Second Hand

The Kalmar Stadsmission runs a second hand shop with furniture, various knick-knacks, clothes and many other things. Find something truly unique while contributing to the work of Stadsmissionen. The shop is located on Amerikavägen, about 6 kilometres north of the central city.

Kupan, Röda Korset Second Hand

Kupan is a second hand shop where you can truly find just about anything. They also run a café, where you can sit down for a break and a tasty treat. The shop is on Perstorpsvägen in Oxhagen, near the Giraffen block.

Loppis i Skälby Loge

Every now and then, there is a fleamarket held at Skälby Loge, about 2.5 kilometres north of the city centre. Watch for upcoming market dates.

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