Ulrika rides her bike all year round

Want to explore Kalmar by bike? Going for a ride is something that many people truly appreciate, and a perfect way to explore a new location. Here’s some inspiration and tips from cycling enthusiast Ulrika Melin.

Ulrika developed a keen interest in cycling a few years ago, when she was working as a communications manager for a company where several of the employees also enjoyed sports. More than half of her co-workers had completed an Ironman event. Ulrika decided to sign up for the Kalmar Mini Tri triathlon, and also to do half an Ironman.

− I got hooked on cycling, and since then, a lot of my life has been about that, she says.

Ulrika is currently the project leader of the Hansa Bygg Grand Prix cycling event, and works as a cycling guide and outdoor destination developer at Abloc.

What’s your favourite thing about cycling?

The best thing about it is that you get to experience so much, the sights and the scents. Meanwhile, you get loads of excercise and make new friends. Many of my closest friends I have made thanks to my bike.

Which is the best time of the year for cycling?

− The best time for cycling is all year, all day. Anytime.

What’s it like, riding through the seasons?

Winter biking is magical. Afterwards, when you come home, it’s the same feeling that you get after cross-country skiing. It’s cold, and a different kind of effort. The air is filled with oxygen, your cheeks flush and the experience of nature is very palpable. In the spring, everything comes back to life, and I take out my road bike again. In the summer, the adventure has no limits. If you have the right mindset and gear, nothing will stop you. And in the autumn, the colours blaze around the gravel roads, and you go on a different kind of adventure. It’s never dull.

Would you share your best biking memory with us?

I have a lot of amazing cycling memories. But if I have to pick one, it might be the launching of the Hansa Bygg Grand Prix Kalmar in 2018. It was about 30 degrees outside, and just so much people in town. I was standing next to Roberto Vacchi, who was the race speaker that year, and saw the big crowd and all the contestants taking off across the main square. It was just such a powerful moment.

The best time for cycling is all year, all day. Anytime.

Ulrika Melin

Any cycling tips around Kalmar?

There are so many nice things to experience by bike around Kalmar. My favourite spot is the straight stretch between Lindsdal and Stävlö, with the wind behind you, as the canola fields are blooming yellow all around, if we’re talking road biking. And the forest is lovely at all times.

What’s a good thing to keep in mind before you go out biking?

Bring water and energy bars, and make sure you have a decent bike. And remember it’s not dangerous to really exert yourself and push your limits. It’s just satisfying!

Ulrika’s cycling tips:

  1. The road around Källstorp is good if you enjoy country roads. It’s 3–4 kilometres of pure pleasure, in amazing surroundings.
  2. Mountainbiking in the south areas (Södra utmarken and the Kalmar Grand Prix course). Start and finish at Kalmar Castle.
  3. The Kalmarsund bike trail to the north, past Värsnäs. It’s incredibly scenic and suited for gravel or mountainbike.
  4. The straight stretch between Lindsdal and Stävlö is my favourite roadbiking stretch. The canola fields in bloom are crazy beautiful!
  5. The MTB area at Södermöre. Loads of lovely trails through beautiful forest. Park at the shooting range south of Vassmolösa.
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