Adam opened a shoe repair

Adam Persson

At the heart of Kvarnholmen, Adam Persson opened a shoe repair a while ago. He has thoroughly learned the craft, and has had the opportunity to work both in Stockholm and on Corfu before the family chose to settle in Kalmar.

We have our families nearby, and both studied here before we moved to Stockholm, so coming back just felt really natural. We liked Stockholm well enough, but I guess we craved a simpler life, says Adam.

How come you became a shoemaker?

I’ve always been interested in crafts, in working with my hands and being creative. I also really wanted to try something new after several years in retail.

Where and how did you learn your craft?

I applied to Hantverksakademin, the Stockholm crafts academy, and got accepted. From there, I started as an apprentice at the Bäckmans Skoservice, and was hired permanently more or less immediately. At the same time, I was taking a bespoke class, handmade shoes made to measure, taught by a renowned shoemaker in the forests outside Åre. Then I worked for several years at Bäckmans, and learned a great deal from that. They are definitely the very best in Sweden, so that was a fantastic start for me.

You have had some time to work abroad as well. Where, and what did you do?

That’s right, I worked on Corfu, for a Greek shoe brand called Dimissianos & Miller. They make their shoes entirely by hand, which is very rare today. It’s a fantastic craft, and a very time-consuming one. What I learned from them is invaluable in my trade.

What other jobs do you do?

I make various leather repairs, things like bags and belts and other accessories. I’ve had a couple of commissions, too, where the customer has ordered things like pocket watch cases and the like, and that’s no problem either. I enjoy being creative and making things, even if that’s sometimes a greater challenge than just doing repairs.

How do you pick out the product range for your shop?

It’s really important to me that the products and accessories I sell are good quality, and in line with the rest of the business. For example, the shoes I sell will last you a lifetime, if properly cared for.

I think there is a major trend in general, when it comes to sustainability and reuse.

Adam Persson

What’s going on right now, and what are your future plans?

I keep working, it’s been a bit rough during the pandemic, but I’m optimistic about the future, and I’m so very happy about all the customers coming in, I really do feel appreciated. I have a bit of a plan for expanding the business and the product range, with things that I’m passionate about. I’m low-key keeping it under wraps right now, but I have spent some time doing it recently, when the business is slow, so keep an eye out for it.

Do you think we care well enough for our shoes? Or are we too quick to replace them when they get worn?

I think there is a major trend in general, when it comes to sustainability and reuse. We buy fewer things, we think our purchases through, and we repair our stuff to an increasing extent. I appreciate seeing that, and it’s crucial for our future.

Do you have any shoe care tips to share?

Always use wooden shoe trees after you’ve used the shoes, and let them rest and dry after each use. Also make sure you have good shoe care products.

As a craftsman, what would you say are the perfect pair of shoes?

Shoes appreciated by their owner!

Adams top tips around Kalmar

  1. Visit the Kalmar art museum, just the building in itself is magnificent.
  2. Go for a barbecue in one of the nice spots around Stensö. I usually go for a swim while I’m there.
  3. The best selection of clothes can be found at Selvage on Norra Långgatan.
  4. Have some really good food at Postgatan.
  5. I do a lot of running, and I find the Kalmarsund trail pure magic, there are a lot of nice trails there.
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