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Charlott Lindquist

Photo: Sara Jonasson

Kalmar offers many amazing outdoor locations to experience. Below are a few activity tips from Charlotte Lindquist, board member of the Kalmar-Öland section of the Swedish Outdoor Association.

Charlotte is originally from Västergötland, but a Kalmar resident since 2008. After meeting her husband – a native of Kalmar – on a train from Moscow to Beijing, she relocated to Kalmar. She immediately fell in love with the city.

− I have enjoyed Kalmar from the very first moment here. To me, Kalmar is a beautiful, vivid city, just the right size and with some spectacular surroundings. There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor life and activities here. I also appreciate having the sea and Öland nearby, says Charlotte.

What is outdoor life to you?

– Outdoor life provides me with the experience of nature, the joy of mobility, and recovery, as well as a chance to follow the seasons, and see the changes of nature. I appreciate the fact that different seasons offer different kinds of outdoor experiences, and pave the way for several types of activities. To me, it’s vital to feel the wind, the sun, the rain and the snow on my face, as it makes me feel really alive. Outdoor life is also a way to discover new places, and a great way to spend time with friends and family.

Which is your favourite spot in Kalmar?

− I think the area around Värsnäs is amazing all year round, as it offers so many different outdoor activities. Since the local branch of the Swedish Outdoor Association uses the Värsnäs centre as its venue, I have spent a lot of time there, over the course of many years. I also like Stensö a lot, as it is beautiful, accessible and close to the city.

To me, Kalmar is a beautiful, vivid city, just the right size and with plenty of opportunities for outdoor life and activities.

Charlotte Lindquist

What is there to do in Kalmar in the spring and summer?

– To me, a visit to Krankelösaholm is something I long for every spring. There’s a sea of flowers to enjoy there, including some lovely pasqueflowers. Krankelösaholm is the perfect place to play hide-and-seek among the rocks, go net-bagging, enjoy the spring sun and the singing birds, and hike or mountainbike along some really good trails. Another tip for spring is to hike from Kalmar Dämme to the sea, look for spring birds, and stop at the pike ladder to see the spawning fish. A food tip for spring is to pick the first, tender nettles and make some tasty soup.

– Kanaberg, outside Påryd, is the perfect place for an outing on a summer’s day. The jumble of massive boulders, with deep caves and long passages are exciting to explore, for children and adults both. The summer is also the perfect time to explore Kalmar from the water, by paddling. My top tip is to canoe or kayak from Stensö, past Kalmar Castle and through the city to the Öland bridge.

What is there to do in the colder months?

– The Municipality of Kalmar has some lovely forests for my favourite activity: picking mushrooms. Autumn with its pretty colours and crisp air is the perfect time to explore Björnö, Horsö-Värsnäs or the Svinö nature reserve.

– In winters with a lot of snow, I go skiing at the Värsnäs golf course. If the ice is good for skating, I go out with the kids on the bays of Kalmar. For the more adventurous, a cold winter might treat you to some magical long-distance ice skating along the coast. A stellar tip is to contact the long-distance ice skating group, Långfärdsskrinnarna i sydöst (LSS), who offer guided tours and updated information about current ice conditions.

Any tips for all-year round-activities?

– Many outdoor activities are things you can do all year. Sleeping outdoors in a windbreak, a tent or a hammock is a lovely thing to do in the summer, but it can be an amazing experience on a starry December night, too – as long as you stay warm. Outdoor cooking is another nice all-year-round activity, with my own suggestions to make Friday tacos on a muurikka griddle pan, or make a three-course dinner on your spirit stove, grill some hot dogs on your own hand-cut skewer, or bring your food out in a food thermos.

Charlotte´s tips

  1. Hiking, biking and running are good ways to discover more of the outdoor areas around Kalmar and beyond.
  2. Hitta ut Kalmar is a fun way to discover Kalmar through a simple form of orienteering.
  3. The Kalmarsund trail is lovely, and a nice way to explore the coast.
  4. The Snurrom Bike Park is a fun place to go mountainbiking.
  5. I would also like to mention Fritidsbanken Kalmar, a really amazing concept that offers outdoor equipment that people can borrow.
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