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Ida used to live and study in Kalmar, but currently lives outside Jämshög in Blekinge, with her husband Robert, and dogs Herman and Vinga. Outside the house is an agility course, revealing Ida’s main interest.

What was it like, organising Guldagility?

It remains my best and greatest experience ever. Organising what was then the largest agility contest in Sweden, with 8 000 entries, and turning that into a successful event – it was an amazing thing. Fortunately, the time has soon come again to fill Kalmar with teams from Sweden and about ten other European countries. In July 2022 there will be another action-packed, exciting Guldagility at the Fredriksskans stadium!

What sparked your interest in dogs and agility?

When I was ten years old, our new neighbours had a kennel. I started taking their dogs for walks, I borrowed a dog to take an agility class, and came along to dog shows all across the country. At fifteen I finally got to buy my own dog from the kennel, a small papillon named Åke. After that, there were just more and more classes, more practice, more competitions.

What do you and your family usually do on your holidays?

When we have time off, we enjoy touring in our camper van. We love the freedom and being able to move around, and it’s really convenient for bringing the dogs. We like finding new places, anything from new cities to hidden gems. If I get to decide where we’re going, there’s frequently an agility course somewhere along the way. Me and the dogs enjoy a bit of shenanigans every now and then.

Do you visit Kalmar sometimes?

Since I’m involved in Guldagility, we make frequent trips to Kalmar. The dogs always come along, and when he can, Rob comes with us, too.

What about overnight stays?

We tend to go with the camper van since we really like it, but sometimes we might stay in a hotel when we’re away. We always check beforehand that we can bring the dogs, and people tend to be super welcoming with dog treats and/or an extra blanket. I really appreciate that, it’s such a bonus.

What are some of your favourite things to do in Kalmar?

We take the opportunity to meet up with friends, and enjoy going for walks in and around Stensö. I like to go for the occasional run, too. With a dog on either side, I run past the castle to breathe the lovely sea air.

We also like strolling around town, and maybe sit down in one of the many nice cafés with outdoor seating where dogs are welcome. The dogs are always treated to a bowl of water, which is a really nice gesture!

Idas dog friendly Kalmar tips

  1. Skälby– cosy surroundings and a café that welcomes dogs.
  2. Stensö has lovely outdoor areas for walks and runs.
  3. Kalmar city with outdoor cafés, most of which welcome dogs.
  4. The dog baths at Svinö, Stensö and at the Kalmar camping, Rafshagen. Perfect that the dogs, too, can cool down on hot summer days.
  5. Shop for dogaccessories at Hööks and Arken Zoo, both with a wide selection of fun things for dogs.
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