Nathalie's top tips for a day in Kalmar

Nathalie is standing in the entrance to the art gallery Persona Galleri.

Would you like some tips on how to spend a day in Kalmar? What shops, cafés and restaurants to visit? Below are a few tips from Nathalie Marosan, 18 years a resident of Kalmar, who spent the summers of her childhood in Kalmar, and on Öland before that.

Nathalie is a unit manager and developer at an adult education company. In her spare time, she teaches courses in, among other things, emergency and home preparedness, art and yoga. She is a movie enthusiast, and a board member of the Kalmar Film Studio. She has also taken up drumming with the Batucalma percussion ensemble.

– I love nature, culture, working out, writing, art, music, my husband and my children, my pets, and saying yes to everything that’s positive and fun, she says.

What is your favourite thing about Kalmar?

– I really like it here in Kalmar, and the best thing of all is that this is such an amazingly beautiful place. Nature is fantastic around here, and the water is part of the city. There is a lot of nice architecture here, too – both historical and modern, and a university that keeps breathing fresh life into everything.

– There is a good mix of culture, sports, good food, and entertainment, though we could do even better on that last bit for certain target groups. Kalmar is a town that sees a lot of events, including Stadsfesten, Ironman, and Ljus på kultur, which is really appreciated by tourists and locals both. It’s a lot of fun when so many people attend the same events together, enjoying what the town has to offer.

Nathalie lights a candle inside the cathedral Kalmar Domkyrka.

What is your ideal way of “spending a day down town?”

− When I ride my bike into town, I like to start by visiting the library, to enjoy some books and the nice atmosphere. Then I stop by the cathedral to light a candle for someone, and keep my fingers crossed there is choir practice going on, in preparation of some concert or other, so I can have a seat in the pews and just enjoy it all for a while.

− I will probably pop into the Outnorth outdoor shop, as they have a lot of quality clothes and gear for outdoorsy people. Then I’ll meet up with a friend for a vegetarian lunch.

What’s your take on the selection of cafés and restaurants in Kalmar?

– I think we have a rather nice lineup when it comes to restaurants and cafés in Kalmar, but some of them could expand their vegetarian alternatives. Meanwhile, there are several places that are simply cutting edge when it comes to vegetarian food, such as Kallskänken. I’m happy to go there, as they both offer good food and a nice vibe. The char-grill on Engelska vägen is a hidden gem if you want some Mediterranean food, and they also have some really good vegetarian and vegan menu options.

– In the evenings I like to go to Ernesto, as it is such a cosy restaurant to sit in, and Italian food is just so tasty. Or I might be found at Söderport, where there is hopefully some good performer or DJ on stage.

Nathalie is sitting down by the café window, sipping on a cup of tea.

Which are your favourites among the cafés?

– I have to mention the Kalmar classics – Holmgrens Konditori, Kullzénska Caféet, and Hamnkaféet. They have a pleasant, old-fashioned atmosphere which appeals to both younger and older visitors. Other good alternatives for coffee or lunch are Johannas Choklad, Le Croissant and Café Lotsutkiken.

– In the summer, it’s a real treat to stroll through old town, and then pay a visit to the Krusenstierna garden for a cup of coffee among the apple trees, with all the flowers in bloom, old ladies enjoying a tasty treat, and all the children playing.

Any favourite spots outside of town?

– The Ängsbacken garden centre is a small place straight out of a fairytale. It has so many little groves, greenhouses, beautiful chickens, a small shop, babbling streams, and wonderful plants. Just walking around the place makes me happy for the rest of the day.

– The Kläckeberga country café is really nice, with a number of entertaining activities and some really tasty eats. And it’s right next to the incredibly gorgeous Kläckeberga church, which has a really interesting history.

– The Wirbladh shop and farm at Smedby is another place well worth a visit. You can also pick some delicious strawberries in their pick-your-own patch.

When I have visitors and aim to show our local highlights, I get a fresh look at our hometown, which I really like.

Nathalie Marosan

Will you tell us how you might spend a day off around here?

– When I have visitors and aim to show our local highlights, I get a fresh look at our hometown, which I really like. We walk along the old city wall to enjoy the view. We stroll beneath the vaults, talking of history, and step over the remains of the city walls that can just be made out among the cobblestones.

– We go to the city park, too, admiring both the many species of trees, and the three amazing standalone architectural features; the castle, the old restaurant Byttan, and the art museum. Different time periods beautifully offsetting one another.

– Another neat thing to do is to plan a gallery tour around town, or to visit Byteatern or Söderport where there is usually a nice performance selection if you have an interest in theatre, culture, or music. And if you want to pay a visit to Sweden’s oldest cinema still in use, do go to Saga to enjoy a good movie in a theatre full of charm.

Are there any good picnic spots you would like to tell us about?

– If you love walking, and spending time in nature the way I do, there are some lovely places at Horsö–Värsnäs. Långviken, Stensö, and Svinö are other scenic areas that are very much appreciated, and offer good places for having a picnic and a bath. Recreation and nature’s happiness at your fingertips!

Nathalie watches art on the wall.

Three shopping tips from Nathalie

  1. For some clever, stylish and entirely unique vintage and design items, pay a visit to Folks interiör, or the unfailing treasure troves at the Red Cross and Kalmar Stadsmission. Keep your eyes peeled for all the countryside flea markets outside town.
  2. Blomman för dagen is a small flower shop located on the Esplanade, where they simply cannot make anything that doesn’t look amazing. Everything in this adorable little shop is both tasteful and cute. This is where I want to buy my fresh cut flowers and blooming gifts.
  3. Join the Facebook group Reko-Ring Kalmar, which gives you an opportunity to order first-class food from local, small-scale producers.

Four tips for a gallery tour

  1. Galleri 28
  2. ArtRautio
  3. Galleri Svalan
  4. Teatergalleriet
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