Together, we can minimise the spread of Covid-19.

Advice and recommendations

  • Keep your distance from other people in public settings, especially indoors.
  • If possible, adults should avoid crowded public transport by choosing to travel at times other than during rush hour or using other means of transport, such as walking, cycling or travelling by car.
  • Adults should use face masks on public transport if crowding cannot be avoided.
  • Anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 should stay at home.
  • Anyone with symptoms over the age of six who has not had covid-19 in the past six months should get tested.

Special advice to those not vaccinated

  • If you are not vaccinated, you have a special responsibility. To reduce the risk of spreading infection, you should:
  • keep a distance from other people
  • avoid close contact with people in risk groups and people who are aged 70 or over
  • get tested if you experience symptoms of Covid-19.

New measures

The Swedish Health Agency (Folkhälsomyndigheten) announces new measures to limit the spread of Covid-19. New restrictions and advice will be valid from 12 January 2022.

Please follow the recommendations of Swedish authorities. You will find some useful links below.

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