Kalmar hosts many different and attractive events, recurring every year. Below are a few tips regarding the many things planned for 2022.

Fantastic sand art is created at Kalmar International Sand Sculpture Festival



For most of the year, there is Swedish premier division football to watch. Kalmar has two teams in the top tier of the Swedish football league system: Kalmar FF and IFK Kalmar.

April 9th: JL Bilar - The Skälby Race

The first footrace of the year! Kalmar offers many footraces to choose from, and the co-ordination page at makes it easy to keep track of the different dates.

April 23rd: Backyard Ultra

This Kalmar ultra race is a lap race along a course of 6 706 metres. Neither the end time
nor the total distance is decided when the race begins.


May 13th-15th: Kalmar Waterexpo

A festival of boating and marine leisure life, held in the Kalmar Guest Harbour.


June 10th-12th: Scandinavian Open Championship

A four-team handball Women's U20 tournament, where the Swedish national team will meet Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands. The future world stars will settle the score at the Kifab Arena.

June 18th: Kalmar on Wheels

For the first time – the new motor festival of Kalmar, held at the Kalmartravet harness
racing track. The event offers everything from tractors and vintage cars to sports cars and

June 22nd: Music in the Citypark

The opening of the event series Musik i Stadsparken, offering free concerts from June
22nd to August 17th.

The Swedish Beach Tour is the elite tour of Swedish beach volleyball.


July 4th-8th: Kalmar International Sand Sculpture Festival

The annual sand sculpture festival in Kalmar has become a popular tradition. Over the
course of a week, skilled sand sculptors create amazing works made entirely of sand.

July 13th-17th: Guldagility

The popular agility event returns to the Fredriksskans Arena.

July 16th: Kalmar Swimrun

A challenging swim/run race held in the middle of town. Participants enter as two-person
teams and make their way along a 21.6 km course. They alternate between swimming
and running.

July 22nd-24th: Swedish Beach Tour

The Swedish Beach Tour is the Swedish beach volley elite tour. In Kalmar it is held at the
Långviken Arena.

July 29th-30th: Hansa Bygg Grand Prix Kalmar

The main cycling event in Kalmar includes both elite and recreational races. This time, we see the women’s elite participating in the action-packed Grand Prix and UCI races. Further, there is an Open Track for recreational MTB, as well as a MTB race for women and men respectively.

Kalmar hosts Sweden’s only full-distance Ironman contest.


August 2nd-6th: Swedish Kart Racing championships.

The Swedish Kart Racing championships. Finals are held on August 6th.

August 4th: Lars Winnerbäck

Lars Winnerbäck in concert at the Fredriksskans Arena.

August 11th-13th: Kalmar City Festival

We welcome the return of the Kalmar City Festival. For three days, there is a great party
throughout Kalmar! A wealth of free concerts and activities will be hosted around town.

August 17th: Kalmar Mini Tri

The Ironman week opens with a short-distance triathlon. Participants first swim 520 metres, followed by 18 kilometres of cycling, and finally a 4.2 kilometre footrace to the finishing line.

August 19th: Ironkids

A footrace for children, held during the Ironman week.

August 20th: Ironman Kalmar Sweden

This event has been on hiatus for two years, but now, the Ironman Kalmar Sweden is
planning its return. The event is Sweden’s only full-distance Ironman contest (3.86 km
swimming, 180.2 km cycling and 42.2 km running). The race always gets high marks from
participants, and on several occasions has been voted the Ironman race in the world that
most contestants would recommend to a friend.

The cultural festival Ljus på Kultur.


September 7th-9th: The Kalmarsund Week

A meeting space for sustainable development. Get inspired by good examples, and learn
more about the ways you and your organisation can take the next step in your sustainability efforts.


October 31st-November 6th: Ljus på Kultur

This cultural festival is held both in Kalmar and on Öland. All in all, the festival includes
hundreds of events for both children and adults.

Kalmar Castle during Christmas time.


Advent Weekends: Christmas Fairs

The weekends before Christmas welcome a host of Christmas markets around Kalmar. Two of the highlights among them are the Kalmar Castle Christmas Fair, and the Kalmar Christmas Market held at Stortorget.

December 18th: Lisa Nilsson and Weeping Willows

Concert at Hatstore Arena.

December 31st: The Sylvester Race

The last footrace of the year is held on New Year’s Eve.

December 31st: New Year´s Lights

Official New Year’s celebration at Stortorget.

December 31st: The Kalmarsund Variety

Opening of the Kalmarsund Variety, which is played at the Kalmar Theatre until the beginning of February.


There are many concerts, all year round. There are also recurring live music events in
several of the Kalmar restaurants and pubs.


Kalmar has many dedicated organisers of cultural events, and thanks to them there is a wide selection of shows throughout the year. Experience anything from stand-up comedy to opera performances.