Kalmar Guest Harbour includes a boatwash facility. You no longer need to get your boat out of the water for hull maintenance, but instead the boat remains in the water during the wash.

Large brushes are used to clean the hull, remove any fouling buildup, and improve the performance of your boat by cutting down fuel use, among other things. You no longer need to paint the hull, which is a time-saver for you, and a good thing for the environment.

The washing process takes about 15 minutes after the boat has been made ready and put in place.

The boatwash is funded by the County administrative boards of Sweden, and by the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management through local water management projects (Lova).


The boatwash accommodates boats with measurements up to:

Length: 16 metres
Width: 5 metres
Draft: 2.4 metres

  • If your boat was built before 1996, you need a valid hull measurement certificate.
  • For boats built after 1995, you are not required to provide a hull measurement certificate, but must provide proof that your boat was built in 1996 or later.
  • The boat must not have been painted this year.

the machine can clean:

  • Motorboats and sailboats with a centered gear under the keel.
  • Sailboats with a straight keel or bulbs/oval shapes not wider than 45 cm.

See examples of straight keel and washable bulb types below.

The machine cannot clean:

  • Motorboats and sailboats with several propeller shafts under the hull.
  • Sailboats with winged keel.
  • Sailboats with bulb shapes wider than 45 cm.
  • Sailboats with keel or fin formations outside the center line of the hull.

See examples of boat types that cannot be cleaned below.


The boatwash is open on weekdays May-November.

Make your reservation using the form. Reservations must be made at least one weekday before the requested time.

If you wish to use the boatwash on the current day, on week nights, or on weekends, we can accommodate you only if our regular staff is available to schedule your visit. Please call +46480-417711.

Through 2021-2022 we offer a discount at our boatwash facility. If you are using a municipal berth, you are welcome to one free annual wash. Please state your berth number on the reservation form.


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