Are you a history buff? An art lover, perhaps? Kalmar offers many fascinating attractions which are all worth a visit. Below are just a few of them.

Kalmar Castle.

Kalmar Castle is one of the most well-preserved Renaissance castles in the Nordic countries.

Kalmar Castle

Kalmar Castle boasts a long and exciting history. This is where the Kalmar union was signed in 1397, and in the 16th century, the castle was modernised by the Vasa kings. Even if most things still look like they did in 1592, there are always new things to discover. There are interesting exhibitions, guided tours, and events to participate in. Kalmar Castle is open all year round, but opening hours vary throughout the season.

The building where Kalmar county museum is located. A red brick building.

The Kalmar County Museum shows, among other things, a major exhibition about the man-of-war Kronan.

The Kalmar County Museum

At the Kalmar County Museum, there are always several interesting exhibitions to see. Among the highlights is the one on the man-of-war Kronan, once the mightiest warship of the Swedish Empire. There's also the family-oriented exhibition Superkronan. Among the permanent exhibitions of the county museum are those about Sandby borg, and Kalmar artist Jenny Nyström. Other visitor attractions include temporary exhibitions, lectures and events.

Kalmar art museum, a black modern building in the city park.

The Kalmar Art Museum has won the Kasper Salin award for its excellent architecture.

The Kalmar Art Museum

The Kalmar Art Museum has an international profile, and is considered an important Swedish institution of art. There are several exciting exhibitions here, as well as recurring artists’ talks and seminars to attend. The museum’s activities for kids and young people are very popular. The building is located in the city park, and has received a Kasper Salin award for its lovely architecture.

Kalmar cathedral, an impressive baroque church on the main square.

The Kalmar Cathedral is built in Baroque style.

Kalmar Cathedral

The Kalmar Cathedral is located in Stortorget, the main square, and was finished in 1703. It was designed by Nikodemus Tessin the Elder, with inspiration from the Renaissance churches of Rome. The cathedral is very well preserved, and considered one of the most important monuments of the Swedish Empire. Inside is a magnificent Baroque altar designed by Nicodemus Tessin the Younger. The oldest fixture of the cathedral is the pulpit, dating from the mid-17th century.

Sign for the Krusenstierna garden on the fence outside.

The Krusenstierna garden is located in the Old town, and offers seasonal opening hours.

The Krusenstierna Garden

The Krusenstierna garden is a well-preserved city garden from the 1800s. It was donated to the City of Kalmar about 70 years ago, after being owned by the Krusenstierna family for many years. The family wished for the garden to be preserved and made available to the public. From May through September, you can visit this lovely place, to enjoy its flower beds. There's also a café, and a little museum showing what the main building was like in the 1800s. From time to time, various events are hosted here. The garden and café are open from May–September.

Father and daughter looking at dinosaur skeletons.

A World of Dinosaurs offers seasonal opening hours, and is an exciting place for visitors of all ages. 

A World of Dinosaurs

Kalmar is home to Europe's largest exhibition of dinosaurs, which is expanded every year. Here, you can take a closer look at anything from fossils to some very realistic, life-size dinosaurs. All in all, more than 200 dinosaurs and skeletons are on display here. To make things even more exciting, several of the dinosaurs contain animatronics, meaning they move, breathe, and roar in a very realistic way. Open May–October.

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