5 Activity parks

Three boys riding kick bikes in a concrete park.

Kalmar concrete park is part of the Norrliden activity park.

What if one of you wants to go skateboarding, and the others want to head to the outdoor gym? Check out the Kalmar activity parks, with lots and lots to do.

  • Trollbackeparken, located in Berga, has a football field and street basket. There’s also a climbing frame, a DJ table, an outdoor gym, a volleyball net and more.
  • In the Skälby park area is the Kalmar 4H farm, as well as the city’s largest playground. BBQ, outdoor gym, jogging track, football field and more.
  • Norrliden activity park has playgrounds for children of all ages. There’s also an outdoor gym, BBQ and a lovely pergola where you can hang out. This is where you will find the Kalmar concrete park – for skateboarding, BMX, inlines and kickbike.
  • At Smedby is an activity park with an obstacle course, an outdoor gym and a boules court. This park has a pumptrack, if you’re interested in biking.
  • Långviken has an arena for basket and beach volleyball, among other things. There’s an outdoor gym here, and an obstacle course for adults.

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