Isn’t it wonderful to enjoy the outdoors? Here are four of our lovely trails, perfect for walking or simply winding down, finding delight in the stillness of forests and fields.


This is a scenic trail with varying nature. It covers three municipalities – Kalmar, Mönsterås and Torsås – and adds up to a total of 200 kilometres. The trail follows old country roads, village streets and railway embankments. You will find both beaches and sights along the way.


When you walk along the Ljungby stream, both nature and culture experiences await. The trail is 2.5 kilometres long, and adjacent to it is an illuminated jogging track. Right nearby you will also find the Prästängen nature reserve, and the Krankelösaholm recreational area, with the remains of an old fortification.

Östra sigfridsleden

This is a pilgrim’s trail measuring 30 kilometres, starting at the Hagby stream in Södermöre and ending at Källebäcksmåla, west of Kalmar. The trail takes you through both coastal landscapes and forests with a thriving fauna. Perhaps you will see animals both wild and domesticated?


The trail is a nature and culture trail about ten kilometres long, running from the Linnaeus University to the Stensö peak. Along the way are several cultural historical places of note, and diverse nature areas to greet you.

The park promenade

The park promenade is a green and beautiful park tour in central Kalmar, where the city's history is woven together with the park’s past and today’s lush oases. This walk takes about 1.5 hours at a slow pace, and you can track it on your smartphone.

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