In the mood for a calm and relaxing day by the sea? Or a day full of action at the beach, with lots of games and activities? Kalmar has plenty of beaches to choose from, and below are a few of them. In addition, we’ll show you where to find swimming pools.

Baths and beaches near town


Right at the edge of central Kalmar is a popular beach with a peculiar name – Kattrumpan, meaning “the cat’s butt.” This is a sandy beach with a jetty and ramp, next to a park area and playground. The bath is located right next to the Kalmar city wall, which provides ample shelter from the wind. Toilets and showers are also available.


With a view of Kalmarsund and Kalmar Castle, in close proximity to both the city and parkland, the beach is a much-appreciated venue. It has a jetty measuring 180 metres, and a shallow bay that is perfect for long days of playing in the sand. If you prefer grass rather than sand, there’s a spacious lawn, too. Toilets and showers are also available.


About 1.5 kilometres south of town is the Långviken bath, with little bays and jetties. For the daring, there is a diving tower at the edge of the bath, with platforms at 5, 7.5 and 10 metres. Next to the beach are beach volleyball and basketball courses, an outdoor gym, a climbing-wall, and other fun things for those who want a bit of variety in between dips. Toilets and showers are also available.

Stensö Flundran

In the lovely nature area at Stensö, about 2.5 kilometres south of town, is the Stensö Flundran bath, in a lush green setting. It is located next to a camping area with access to a shop, restaurant, minigolf course, playground, and jogging track. The bath offers both a sandy beach and jetties. Offshore is a snorkelling trail, for anyone interested in exploring the flora and fauna of Kalmarsund. Toilets and showers are also available.


At the Elevator quay in central Kalmar, next to the Kalmar county museum, is a breakwater. It has a jetty attached, and is a poular place for swimming. A special treat is the nice sand bottom one of the best in Kalmar.


About 6 kilometres north of Kalmar, at Norrliden, you will find the popular Norrlidsbadet beach, with an 80-metre jetty and a sandy beach. Next to the beach are BBQ spots, a jogging track, showers and toilets.

Baths and beaches outside town


Värsnäs is a lovely outdoor area with a sandy beach and jetties. Nearby are some lovely green spaces to rest in. The location offers toilets and a jogging track. The beach lies about 8 kilometres north of the city centre, near the Kalmar Golf club.


About 10 kilometres south of central Kalmar is the Ekö bath. It has jetties as well as a sandy beach, with showers, toilets and a BBQ.


This bath is located in a camping area, and has jetties as well as sand and grass areas. The venue offers showers, toilets, boat and canoe rentals, a kiosk, mini golf courses and a playground. The bath is located at Rafshagsudden, about 15 kilometres north of central Kalmar.

Vita sand

Vita sand is a popular beach, located in a camping area. It has one of the longest jetties in the municipality, measuring an impressive 160 metres. You will also find a kiosk, playground, mini golf course, volley ball court, and toilets in this venue. The beach is located some 20 kilometres south of central Kalmar.



If you prefer a pool rather than the sea, there is an adventure bath in central Kalmar, offering indoor pools, a waterslide, a wave machine, a climbing-wall, a water bomb, and various swimming toys. In addition, there are two excercise pools. If you would rather chill out for a bit, there is a separate relax section with access to a jacuzzi, as well as a wet and a dry sauna.


If you are looking for an outdoor pool there’s one in Påryd, about 30 kilometres from Kalmar. There is a large, heated outdoor pool, as well as a small one for little bathers. The pools are surrounded by large nature areas, and there’s a kiosk, in case you need to refuel between baths.

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